Body Balance Massage, oils, flowers

Body Balance Massage Therapy

Our focus is to provide our clients with a treatment which allows the body and mind to be awakened, releasing the emotional burdens and the physical pains which afflict us all.

We will enable our clients with the tools and courage to take charge of their personal freedom, and in return, to release their pain and fear. Live for the joy of living with an abundance of well being, emotional balance and, of course, joy and fun!

Body Balance Massage Therapy utilizes 8 therapeutic grade essential oils that are vital for balancing the mind, body, and spirit.

The integration of the essentials oils results in a compound that is used as a powerful healing component. The compound is used in combination with a therapeutic technique, and is applied to support emotional release for our physical pains.

Body Balance Massage Therapy focuses on aligning the body head-to-toe to restore its natural state of overall well being and health.


per session (full hour)