Holistic Massage on back and shoulders

Raynor Holistic Massage

Raynor massage is a safe yet highly effective deep tissue massage style designed to peel through all four layers of tension while working with your breath at your threshold of tolerance. It is a partnership model approach to help you in ways not previously thought possible with traditional massage therapy. By nearly eliminating all pain from chronic conditions, increasing your mobility, helping you relieve depression, anxiety and trauma we can bring you back to an overall balanced state of health and well-being.

Raynor Massage can be intense at times and it does require your participation through assisted deep breathing. Sometimes it invokes an emotional response so in rare instances you might have an emotional release through crying, laughing, growling or coughing. We believe tension in your body is tied to these emotions so they must be released through the body work.

It is a premium high-end massage modality that was brought to Quann Spa by International Massage Instructor Terry Masson who has taught this style of massage in over 20 cities on 5 continents. This technique has been used effectively on gold medal winning Olympic athletes, Titans of Industry, Hollywood actors, and even pop stars with record topping hits. It was developed by Australian trained Naturopath Brandon Raynor who has taken all the best massage modalities from around the world and compacted them into one amazing methodology of Massage. It is safe and effective to be used on anybody from children to seniors, athletes to invalids and everyone in between.

Raynor Massage
(with Essential Oils)


1 hour session


1.5 hour session