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Medical Aesthetics

Step into a world where beauty meets expertise, and tranquillity intertwines with transformation. We are delighted to unveil a new chapter in our journey as we introduce Leslie Chaisson, a beacon of professionalism and passion in medical aesthetics.

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Leslie embodies the epitome of healthcare excellence. Her rich tapestry includes 14 years as a Registered Nurse followed by three years as a Nurse Practitioner. Her journey, fuelled by an unwavering commitment to patient care, has led her to our sanctuary, where she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Leslie's venture into offering neuromodulator treatments (Botox) is a testament to her relentless pursuit of perfection. Despite her full-time role in primary care, Leslie's devotion to her craft knows no bounds as she endeavours to merge medicine and aesthetics seamlessly.

At the heart of Leslie's approach lies a profound belief in the power of education. She envisions a future where every client is not merely a recipient of treatments but an active participant in their journey toward aesthetic enhancement. By imparting the latest insights and fostering open dialogue, Leslie empowers her clients to make informed decisions, ensuring that each step is aligned with their desires and aspirations.

As you step through our doors, prepare to embark on a transformative experience guided by Leslie's expertise and empathy. Together, let us redefine beauty and unveil the radiant, confident version of yourself that awaits within our sanctuary. Welcome to a realm where expertise dances with empathy, and every treatment is a testament to the artistry of self-discovery.

First-Time Neuromudulator Treatment

Cost Varies

per session (60 mins)

Cost varies per patient and number of areas treated. Treatment plan is developed collaboratively between patient and provider on the first visit to minimize wrinkles caused by facial movements and muscle contractions.

Repeat Neuromodulator Treatment

Cost Varies

per session (30 mins)

This appointment is for patients who have already received Neuromodulator treatments with Leslie (Dysport, Botox). Recommend booking every 3-4 months for optimal results.

Follow-up Appointment

Cost Varies

per session (15 mins)

This is a 2-week follow-up appointment/check-in to ensure optimal results have been achieved.



per session (45 mins)

Initial consultation is great for patients that are new to neuromodulators and other treatments. Initial assessment to review past and current medical, surgical, social history as well as determine any contraindications to receiving treatment. Together we will build a treatment plan and I will answer any questions and address concerns you may have. Cost will me deducted for your first treatment if booked within 90 days.

Botox Treatments

Cost Varies

per session (60 mins)

For Migraine, Bruxism (TMJ), Hyperhidrosis.

Prices subject to change without notice.