Raindrop Massage to shoulders and Vita Flex massage to foot

Raindrop & Vita Flex Massage

Raindrop Massage

Nine highly effective antibacterial oils have been designed specifically to be massaged along the spine, sending energy impulses throughout the entire body via the central nervous system.

These oils assist in stimulating and replenishing needed enzymes, nutrients and oxygen, resulting in detoxification and strengthening the immune system. Promoting rest, repair and relieving pain.

Spinal Sauna is applied to penetrate the oils deep through the body. Hot steamy towels gently caress the back and spine, creating a deep sense of warmth and ultimate relaxation.

Feel the warming/cooling sensations as the therapeutic oils penetrate, balance and realign the body’s energy centers.

Everyone benefits from Raindrop Technique Massage because the spinal column contains nerves that feed the entire body. Wonderfully soothing, nurturing and relaxing, This therapy can work its benefits in the body for days to weeks or months after the application.

Vita Flex Massage

Vita Flex is an ancient pressure point massage technique that is applied to the feet, legs, hands, arms, spine, neck and head.

Vita Flex foot diagrams of pressure points

The technique allows therapeutic grade oils to be delivered throughout the body, sending energy impulses of vitality to the reflex points, aiding in balancing the body’s wellbeing and assisting the body in healing itself.

Raindrop Massage


per session

Vita Flex Pressure Point Massage


per session (half hour)